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New and delicious solution for a slimmer figure without counting calories!

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Main reasons for gaining extra kilos:

Boost Yourself lose weight

One-sided diet

Boost Yourself lose weight

Uneven meals

Boost Yourself  lose weight

Constant self-rewarding

Boost Yourself  lose weight

Fast lifestyle

Boost Yourself  lose weight


Boost Yourself  lose weight


Boost Yourself  lose weight


Boost Yourself  lose weight

Sweet addiction


When you consume a large amount of calories in the evening, they are stored as reserves in your body. Calorie intake should be intense when your body needs it the most: at the start of the day and in the midst of a busy working day.

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The Solution

Reduce your calorie intake in the evening. Swap a late night heavy and stressful meal with a balanced and high protein Healthy Weight smoothie. Your body receives all the necessary nutrients and the stomach stays full.

Uue toitumise plaan kaalualandamiseks

Calorie intake

Boost Yourself supertoidusegud Healthy Weight
  • Tastes good with any smoothie.
  • The protein-rich composition makes the smoothie a filling meal.
  • Also suitable for breastfeeding mothers.
  • One package gives you at least 15 smoothies.
  • Contains no additives or added sugars.
  • 100% organic and natural ingredients.