Margit’s experience: “Superfoods helped me to get rid of my acne”

Margit describes herself as an “ordinary office worker,” meaning a 9 to 5 job sitting at a computer from Monday through Friday. She never had problems with weight. However, due to a bad diet, Margit was struck by a severe acne, which she has had to fight for a long time.

How did you come upon superfoods and a healthy lifestyle?

I got a long-awaited Nutribullet from my partner for Christmas and started browsing the Internet for superfoods. That’s how I found Boost Yourself.

I’d been striving for a healthy lifestyle before. I had already given up on white sugar, drank more water and started eating oatmeal in the mornings, etc.

It seems to me that information about a healthy lifestyle has become more available during recent years and more and more people are interested in it. It was while reading other people’s inspirational experiences that I also started realizing that I might find relief for my problems.

Digestion was a major problem

The biggest problem for me was my digestion. For years, it was completely out of place as a result of poor nutrition. My poor facial skin, excessive (bad-smelling) sweat and extreme fatigue were the evidence of that.

I also tried hormone treatment and all sorts of other medication prescribed by doctors and dermatologists, but it only ended up with a temporary improvement in my situation. The pimples came back as soon as the treatment was over.

After work, I always had to sleep a bit because the fatigue was so unbearable. The brain didn’t function very well and for the most part, I felt bad for not being motivated to do anything.

Already after the first 3 days of smoothie detox, everything changed. The first thing I noticed was that I was sweating less and the odor was gone. There was more energy and my thoughts ran better, and even sleep-deprivation after work became less frequent.

What did your smoothie course look like? How did you feel?

I made detox smoothies 3 times a day for 3 days and for suppression of great hunger there were snacks such as carrots, nuts, and different fruits. And to be honest, I did not cheat once.

During the smoothie course, I felt a little more tired than usual and slept more, but there was nothing difficult. For example, I was not even bothered by the “algae” taste of the detox blend.

When is your favorite time to consume superfoods and what do you usually add to your smoothies?

In general, I make smoothies for breakfast. Sometimes in the evening, but there have even been days where I only run on smoothies. I had to change my Nutribullet’s blades once already, so I have become a great friend of smoothies!

My smoothie is never missing banana, spinach, avocado or a spoonful of cold-pressed seed oil. And thanks to smoothies, I’ve started eating spinach, kale, and avocado.

I’m just very excited about trying out new things and experimenting with different compositions.

A healthier lifestyle has infected my mother, who has now lost 16 kg (35 pounds)!

I have been telling others not to eat so much white sugar: “Dear child, drink water, not lemonade!”

My new healthy lifestyle has impacted my 66-year-old mother the most out of everyone else, as she weighed 110 kg (243 pounds) and has lost 16 kg (35 pounds). I’m very proud of her.

She already had the will to change herself, I just had to help with the recipes and teach her a little bit about what and how to eat and encourage her to keep on moving.

Now she does aerobics for seniors that run on TV every morning, goes on bike rides, and of course, has had lots of gardening activities this season. She is now very happy and positive, as she can and wants to do everything. Every few weeks she brags about how many pounds she has lost again.

How do you feel – what did the change in your lifestyle bring you the most?

More energy and courage to pursue my inner dreams and goals. Anything is possible, you just have to dare to try.

I realize now that I still have to invest in myself because if I am a better version of myself, the world around me is also a much better place for me to be.

For the sake of prosperity, watch what you eat. At least try. You will definitely feel the difference.

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