Smoothies for Kids: Tips and Tricks

Smoothies are for everybody. The first steps to smoothies will take time and need patience. And that’s all good because getting used to new tastes is not so easy for children. Here are some easy tricks how to introduce smoothies to your kids and make the whole process more fun for the little ones.

Let’s do it together

Introduce the whole process for your kids and let them chose the ingredients. Let your child put all the juicy fruits into the blender. Doing it together and letting them being part of it will get them more excited also about drinking smoothies.

It is very important to encourage them and let them be part of it. This can be a beautiful tradition of doing something together and a great way to spend time together.

Name your smoothies

If the color of the smoothie isn’t the most appealing, give the name for it. One of the tricks with green smoothies is to call it a “Shrek Smoothie” and we all know kids love Shrek (we do too). Giving names to well-known cartoon characters will give you a chance to win their trust to smoothies.

Who won’t want to try out drinks what are named by their favorite characters? After a while, your children will have their favorite ones. Pretty soon they will come and ask for Elsa (blueberry smoothie).

It’s all about the taste

Nobody like bland tastes and we all know that kids are the biggest critics when it comes to flavor. Be careful with acid fruits and we suggest using lemon, lime, orange, pineapple or apples. Use 3-4 ingredients with different properties.

This is an easy way to avoid too sweet, too bitter, too sour etc. smoothies. We suggest to not use kiwis when making smoothies for kids. To sweeten your smoothie add some bananas and mangoes.

Introduce them to new flavors

When you are doing smoothies for yourself, let your kids taste them. Talk with them about smoothies and explain to them why it is good to drink them, what is in there.

Get them excited about this knowledge. Tell them about how much energy you get from smoothies, how you can grow and become strong when drinking smoothies.

Be creative and let your child be part of it!

Teet, proud father of two.

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