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Kareth: “Farewell to depression and the excess fat – the story about how superfoods saved my life”

I’m Kareth Korol – a great partner, mother of two and currently on my maternity leave. Before the leave, I was working in dentistry. I always try to do my best to spread warmth and a lot of love towards everyone around me.

I consider myself a very good communicator and quite a creative person. My hobby and real passion is writing calligraphy. While at home with a child, I am thinking of how to develop this and inform as many people as I can about my skills. I have already taken the first small steps – I made my Facebook page.

Boost Yourself products have a huge role in all of it all and I’ll write about it in more detail right now.

My lifestyle so far…

… was pretty good until the first baby was born 2.5 years ago. Then my life became quite homey, and it could be noticed from far away in my behavior and appearance. In between the two kids there was very little development of myself. After the birth of the second child there was a particularly rapid decline in both my mental and physical condition.

Pregnancy depression symptoms

Pregnancy depression is often undiagnosed and its consequences are not known.

Symptoms include:

  • feelings of hopelessness,
  • feelings of guilt or worthlessness,
  • changes in eating habits,
  • persistent sadness,
  • difficulty concentrating,
  • sleep problems,
  • and loss of interest in activities that are commonly enjoyed.

I felt like I was lost in house chores and my children and there was a small crisis. I honestly admit that I was broken in every possible way. My eating habits had gotten really bad and even mentally I was no longer as good of a friend or mother as I wanted to be. In fact, it turned out to be quite the opposite.

All of it was like one big and a rough hole for me. I was looking for a way out of it from everywhere I possibly could, but it still seemed so hopeless.

Boost Yourself Kareth with her baby

When faith is completely lost and there seems to be no solution whatsoever

I was looking for a solution everywhere and every day, and my greatest partner in the world supported me a lot. I knew talking was helpful. We tried to find different ways to improve my mental and physical health, but nothing was sustainable. Until one day I saw an advertisement for Boost Yourself products.

I read and pondered for a long time whether these smoothies would help me or not. When my partner asked me for a Christmas wish, my only wish was to have one normal blender and a bunch of Boost Yourself superfoods.

The next day he informed me that a good blender was available and that I could choose Boost Yourself products to my liking. I couldn’t believe it, but I picked a couple of mixes to give it a try.

Honestly, my last thought was: Is it really possible for such a small and simple thing to really solve my health problems?

The deficiencies of certain nutrients, which seem to be in insignificantly small amounts, are enough to affect the mood through chemical processes in the brain. The brain is the first organ to recieve the nutrients the body consumes.

Of course, I ordered my packages before Christmas Eve because I couldn’t wait anymore. I started making smoothies RIGHT AWAY and read all the materials carefully. I made my first smoothie with a Detox superfood mix and it was wonderful!

You know, I was already very tired and lost, and smoothies seemed to be my last ray of hope. They became a beacon of hope for me to go to bed relaxed again and wake up in the morning with the feeling of the greatest joy.

My husband couldn’t believe this blender was going to be used so frequently in our family, but it was and it still is. He is a very practical person and does not want to buy things to put them away in the cupboard.

My whole life has changed – I lost 6 kg (13 lbs), I’m happy, energetic and full of willpower again!

I gained a lot of energy and well-being, and my weight began to drop, which had increased significantly with my pregnancy. But I would never have thought that with such simple things could make your life positive and enjoyable again.

Speaking of numbers, I lost a total of 6 kg (13 pounds) and that was enough for me and I have been able to keep it this way so far.

Boost Yourself Kareth Korol experience

I think that willpower and a desire to help myself definitely helped this change happen. Today I can say that my self-esteem and energy have skyrocketed once again because I feel so good and beautiful.

Everything we do and are is all stuck in our attitude, ignorance. Certainly a more difficult period of life plays a huge role in the way we are. You have to find your straw and commit to it properly. Now we are even making smoothies with the kids!

I am truly grateful to those lovely people who have taken heart to come up with such products – they really changed my life!

Healthy Weight Blend

  • Healthy Weight Superfood Blend contains baobab powder.
  • It is a superfood containing 14 essential vitamins and minerals, providing all the nutrients your body needs.
  • Thereby it improves your overall mood and the quality of your life.


I’ve tried different options with superfoods, but I’m still in love with my smoothies. Generally, I still smoothie every day, making sure to replace at least one meal with a smoothie.

I like to do it both in the morning and in the evening. In a strange way, the look of the smoothie is the most important thing for me and only then comes the taste.

Here are Kareth’s two favorite smoothie recipes

Effective weight loser

My everyday green smoothie

Boost Yourself Healthy Weight superfood blend

The health of our whole family has improved ever since and happiness has become our state of mind!

Thanks to superfoods, the diet of our entire family have actually become healthier. I wanted to make the most of it so that everything worked the way it should, and I could regain my body as well as my mental state. With my two little kids, I was overloaded with a lack of sleep and hectic home life.

I have shared my experience with my closest friends so far, but now that I finally feel healthy, it is the right time to share my story. If anyone finds inspiration in my story and would like to give it a try, I suggest you start with just one smoothie. You have to have the willpower, but certainly, superfoods won’t hurt either.

If thanks to my story at least one person can have the same joy and positive results, then I can call my day a success!

Boost Yourself Healthy Weight superfood blend

I will point out again that I would never have thought that in such a simple and tasty way you could replenish your energy reserves, lose weight, be healthy, and thanks to all this, you would gain the courage and confidence that goes even further!

And I can safely say that there is only one small secret behind my success story – adding Boost Yourself superfoods to my life. I wish everyone a lot of health and I hope no one continues struggling with health problems.

Unfortunately, there are so many illnesses and other mental problems. If only we could somehow lose them or at least alleviate them, the world would be a much nicer place.

Our health and life are still largely in our own hands, and you better try to make the most of your already short life. You first have to love yourself and believe me – it’s worth it!

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