How Crossfit Trainer Lost 3 kg in 3-Day Detox Challenge

Here is an interview with a pretty awesome woman Marit, who took part of our 1st Boost Yourself 3 Day Detox Challenge. She was able to lose 3 kg (6,5 pounds) and even went swimming in the sea in November. Let’s find out how her first detox program was so successful and how she is feeling about it.

What motivated you to be part of Boost Yourself Detox Challenge?

I believe the body has the ability to heal itself, but this only when we give it a chance for it. Everything we consume in a day makes our digestive system work a lot. It takes a lot of energy to digest the food we have ate. With feeling a little tired of gray autumn and following Boost Yourself on Instagram, I decided to put myself up for the challenge.

Trusting myself I decided to do Green Smoothie Detox challenge for 3-5 days, using Boost Yourself Detox Superfood Blend. I was drinking 3 green smoothies a day, herb teas and a lot of lemon-cucumber water and nothing else. I’m very proud of myself and finished the program on the 4 days.

What was the hardest challenge?

On the fourth day, I started to have all kinds of cravings and didn’t want to go too far with it. So I decided to not do the 5. day, and finish the program with feeling great. So I could have a positive experience and be excited to be part of the next program.

This smoothie mix is great, I have mixed it with lots of different fruits…

I’ve noticed I have a lot more energy from I have started taking them. It says on the packaging to use 1-2 teaspoons. I have only used 1 teaspoon each day to see how I got on with it, but I think I will double up to 2 today. I have lost 5lb in just a few days without even trying. Delighted 🙂

Green superfood blend for smoothies

When did you start to feel the effects of detoxification?

Actually already on the first day. But the even greater feeling is now after I have done the program. I can definitely feel the difference and it feels amazing.

How detox improved your well-being?

I didn’t felt so tired, I had more energy, reduced stress, I felt inspired, plus I lost 3 kg. I feel very fresh and motivated right now.

How much did you work out during this time and did you feel “weaker”?

During these 4 detox days, I walked 1,5 hours several times, as a trainer, I also did 2 Crossfit training sessions that were strength and very high-intensity training. Also, I went swimming two times into the sea for hardening. Everything during these days was far from feeling weak, otherwise, I won’t be that active during those days.

Do you recommend it to the others?

100% for sure! I already have suggested it to several people. I have achieved a very great and fresh feeling.

Marit, certified CrossFit trainer and nutritionist

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