This Chocolate Protein Smoothie Is Made Of Real Cacao, Not Some Flavored BS

The majority of protein powders available on the market are heavily processed and mixed with all kinds of nasties. Chocolate and vanilla taste has usually little or nothing to do with real cacao and vanilla. On closer inspection of the label, you’ll find a long list of fillers, colorants and flavorings.

Raising people’s awareness of nutrition is a big part of what we do, so we decided to create a healthy alternative to existing protein powders – plant-based protein blend that we would love to use ourselves and that wouldn’t contain more than 5 ingredients.

Plant-based protein blend without added fillers, sugars and preservatives

To get the chocolate taste and color in our 1st Superfood Protein blend, we used raw cacao from Peru, that hasn’t been roasted at high temperature, to maintain its nutritional value. Raw cacao is made by using a cold pressing method – this way the nutritional value and enzymes are being preserved.

Raw cacao is a great source of minerals, containing potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium. Potassium contributes to the metabolism of carbohydrates and plays an important role in normal muscle functioning.

Magnesium aids in protein absorption in the organism, ensuring fast recovery of muscles and helping to fight against fatigue and weakness.

Extra nutrition from superfoods

For the second superfood to complement organic pea and rice protein, we’ve chosen maca root powder. The adaptogen found in maca root enhances organism’s ability to react to stress and cope with it – including physical stress after an intensive workout.

This caffeine free plant-based performance enhancer has been used since the Inca warrior days.

The following recipe was Nike trainers’ favorite at our 1st Superfood Protein launch event, so we decided to share it with you too.

Chocolate protein smoothie with peanut butter 

*2 tbsp = 20 g protein

First pour almond milk into the blender, then add other ingredients and blend for a minute – until your smoothie is evenly soft and creamy.

The result is a delicious energizer that works well as a…

  • pre-workout snack
  • post-workout energizer
  • after-dinner treat

The first protein blend made for smoothies

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