Banana smoothie recipes

9 biggest smoothie mistakes and how to solve them

1. Blending too little

Solution: Smoothies are fast and easy to make but have enough time to blend everything evenly. 10-15 seconds is not enough to make a proper smoothie.

Take at least one minute so your blend would receive the right texture by being smooth and creamy.

2. Not having something to make it thicker

Solution: A good smoothie always has this one ingredient that helps to bind everything into a perfect creamy blend. Peach, avocado, apricot, mango, and banana will help you. No need to use all of them but adding just one from the above mentioned will give the blend the right consistency.

You can always add a teaspoon full of chia or flax seeds. These will not only thicken but also give a good amount of omega fats that in return will help your body absorb nutrients better.

3. Overdoing it with superfood blends

Solution: adding superfoods or other powders will change the nutrient, vitamin and mineral content in the smoothie. Be careful to follow the labels if there aren’t any artificial sweeteners or other unknown ingredients added to the blends. Do follow the daily recommended amount and listen to your body.

The easiest is to use prepared superfood blends instead of purchasing all the ingredients separately and then trying to figure out the right measurements when breakfast waits.

4. Too sweet

Solution: please, whatever you do, don’t add sugar!! No extra sugar- forget about it! This sneaky trick is followed by fast food chains to give smoothies a better taste. There are natural sweeteners out there- honey, dates (without stones) and agave syrup. When purchasing almonds-; rice-; soy- or oat milk then choose the unsweetened types.

Usually, we recommend using tap water. No need to spend money on sweetened juices that have rocket high sugar content. A good choice would be coconut water, during spring birch juice.

Boost Yourself Healthy Weight Superfood Blend for Smoothies

5. Less is more

Solution: the temptation to add everything into the blender. It has to protect me from the Sun, make me stronger, smarter, slimmer and 7 x more beautiful. Don’t get your hopes up that one smoothie could achieve this.

There are many ingredients (mostly in green smoothies) that don’t combine and when put together they can make you feel bloated. Don’t throw avocado, banana, berries, veggies, seeds, nuts, sprouts, greens and spoonfuls of superfoods and expect this to result with youth elixir – not gonna happen!

There are things that fit together and other that don’t at all. To be sure, use 3-4 main ingredients and start with some basic recipes. Less is more!

6. Too much ice

Solution: Overdoing it with ice will not keep your smoothie texture smooth and creamy but watery and when adding ice too early it doesn’t allow the nutrients and good fats to combine.

Add ice always as the last compound when everything else is already blended into an even mass. This way you can see if you even need more liquid. Tip: freeze some juice or almond milk

7. Too bland and watery

Solution: When you add all the liquid you can end up with a not-so-good and watery smoothie. To avoid such thing to happen use half of the liquid planned, blend for 30 sec and then add more if needed.

By doing this you have more control over texture and taste. You could also add some berries, half a banana or some slices of fruits if you overdid with liquid, but keep in mind that you can also misbalance the taste.

Remember that the ingredients have to be covered with liquid- that’s the right amount of liquid to use. Remember also that this rule does not imply to green smoothies since the leaves are fluffy and take lots of space.

Green smoothie recipes for weight loss

8. Raw fruits

Solution: You don’t eat raw fruits so don’t use them in your smoothies either. Taste has a great importance and a green banana will never give you the right texture or taste that it could!

The best way to avoid it is to purchase already ripe fruits or let them get ripe at home. Every fruit shows its full potential when they are ripe! Unfortunately, avocados are the trouble child here in Estonia, always green and hard as a rock but some shops have them ripe, so do prefer them.

Useful tip: to get your avocados ready place them into the same paper bag with bananas.

9. Stuck in the recipe

Solution: It’s recommended to start with some basic smoothie recipes for you to understand what flavors suit. When the first steps are successful you are free to start experimenting with other flavors also.

We do it every day and encourage you to step out from your comfort zone and share your smoothies on Instagram using #boostyourself.

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