7 Most Common Fears About The 3-Day Detox Challenge

At first, the 3-day Detox smoothie challenge might cause some doubts or even fears. It’s human nature that taking a new step is obstructed by thought patterns, telling you that everything that you like and that tastes good is the “good old stuff” and getting out of that comfort zone is often difficult.

We wrote down some of the main fears that people have shared with us, while they did all successfully go through the smoothie challenge and felt great after those 3 days. Not only thanks to the fact that their organism was cleansed, they lost weight and had more energy, but also because they decided to do something good for themselves and followed it, no matter what.

1. A week without coffee seems impossible

“A week without coffee went with no problems! Afterwards, I had a cup with my morning smoothie, but I didn’t like the taste of coffee as much as I remember liking it just seven days earlier,” is how Keli describes her change in taste preferences.

2. Green smoothies are scary

“Somehow the idea that salad and fruits are blended together has always left a bad impression on me. It turns out that I had never had a good green smoothie in my life, and in three days I even started to love green smoothies. It turned out that a green smoothie doesn’t have to be boring and disgusting. There are so many different tastes and there are options for everyone,” says Triin.

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3. Fear of feeling weak and having headaches

“I was a bit hungry between lunch and dinner smoothies, since that’s when I had a longer break than, for example, between breakfast and lunch. I tried to drink more tea and water then, and I didn’t notice any weakness or headaches – then again, I wasn’t a big coffee drinker before anyway,” said Sirli.

4. I can’t manage without real food for 3 days

“Of course, I was afraid that I wouldn’t make it 3 days without real food and that I would get some crazy cravings. I was also afraid that I wouldn’t have the strength to do anything if I only drink smoothies. Actually it was the other way around – I had much more energy, when I was only drinking smoothies,” shared Heidi.

5. I was expecting something much worse

“I didn’t have any headaches or any other aches, for that matter. I had a ton of energy already on the second day, and since I felt so light and good, then I ended up making this cleanse a 5-day one. I thought I was a big coffee drinker, but while I was drinking smoothies, I didn’t even miss coffee,” said Gerli about her experience.

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6. Since I do a lot of sports, I doubted whether I could do this

“I doubted whether I could handle the 3-day Detox challenge, because I do a lot of sports and food and coffee are very important for me. 5 cups of coffee is totally normal for me. I could even drink coffee right before going to sleep. In addition to excessive coffee drinking, I also had crazy cravings for sweets. Eating a bag of candy or a big chocolate at one go was not a problem for me. But now having at least one smoothie is a staple of my day. I have a maximum of one cup of coffee a day, because I get much more energy from matcha tea,” said Maris.

7. How can I get a cleanse done with all the work and other things I have to do?

“Since the smoothie challenge fell on a period where I had to be away from home for two days, I really prepared well ahead of time. I made all the smoothies the night before the challenge and put them in the freezer, which means that making the smoothie was just a matter of pouring everything in the blender and adding the Detox superfood blend. This made it much easier. Since I knew that I had to go to a restaurant on two days during the challenge, I chose smoothies from the menu ahead of time and took my own with me. I also told my colleagues about what I was doing, so that if I had a moment of weakness, they would urge me to continue,” Kristel described her experience.

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