Smoothie fans for over 10 years

It all got started from our own poor eating habits, failing health and constant fatigue. Our hectic lifestyles had forced us to make the wrong nutritional choices – and our health suffered. Smoothies helped us find a balance between our fast-paced lives and healthy eating habits.

Sven has been drinking smoothies since 2011, and a little while later, Teet traded in his 5-6 cups of coffee a day for 500 smoothies per year.

“Food choices can make you tired and cause bloating, or add lightness and energy. Food can help you stay slim and supple, and give your skin a healthy glow. However, food can also cause weight gain and skin blemishes.”
– Lauri Boone, Powerful Plant-Based Superfoods

Super smoothies helped uncover nutritional balance

We had been drinking smoothies for years before we were introduced to super smoothies – that is, smoothies enriched with superfoods. The world’s most nutrient-filled fruits, vegetables, and plant products are called superfoods. They contain lots of vitamins and minerals, fatty acids that combat inflammation, along with easy-to-digest proteins and heart-friendly fibers.

The products we’ve created for ourselves will help you, too

We have learned everything there is to know about the world of super smoothies. Therefore, we can help you use the best combination of superfood mixes in your smoothies to make them both delicious and healthy.

“All the Boost Yourself products have been developed based on our own needs and can also help you. Teet bought the Balance blend for his first berry smoothies, and I added the Detox superfood blend to my favourite green smoothies.”
– Sven, co-founder

Nordic superfoods

We started our journey in the world of superfoods in Estonia’s forests. Wild bilberries, chokeberries, sea buckthorn, rosehip, and pollen – these are the domestic superfoods that we use in our products. And today, we have imported superfoods from around the world to Saaremaa, Estonia – from the mountains of Peru and tropical Africa, to the fields of New Zealand.

27 of nature’s best superfoods for keeping you healthy

All the Boost Yourself superfood blends combine the benefits of natural products. And they do it in a way that suits your daily routine. The smoothies are delicious and provide lots of health benefits. They are also easy to make.

With each product, you’ll receive smoothie recipes tested by us – so you can prepare your smoothies with confidence.

Your first smoothie can be the sign of a great change to come

We have learned from our own experiences and those of our customers that better health and a slimmer body – brimming with energy – starts with good nutrition. After all, food is fuel for our bodies and we must feed them sufficiently and correctly. And super smoothies provide the easiest and most delicious solution for men and women who want to take better care of their bodies, regardless of age.

Who are the Boost Yourself founders?


I found my way to smoothies and superfoods after I’d been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at 26, which had evolved thanks to poor eating habits.

It was time to take the reins of my health into my own hands. Instead of treating the consequences, I wanted to learn about the causes – why I had gotten into this hole in the first place.

I knew that when it’s possible to eat yourself sick, then it’s also possible to eat yourself well again – the first step was to change my eating habits. It took me 9 months, but in the end, I managed to get rid of this disease without any medications. Thanks for changing my eating habits, I’ve never had to visit the doctor’s office again.

From this time forward, smoothies and superfoods have held an important place in my daily menu. Through Boost Yourself I now have the chance to help you change your eating habits as well, one step at a time. Moral of the story: if something bad happens, something good will come out of it.


Sven shared his story with me 6 months before I made my first smoothie.

I became interested in smoothies after long days at the office had sucked all the energy out of me. Poor eating habits and 5-6 cups of coffee a day weren’t too helpful.

I realized I needed a change – that’s how smoothies found their place on my menu. Today I make them daily! It has become a habit, which has spread to my two little ones – unsupervised smoothies will *poof* immediately.

After the first few weeks of drinking one smoothie per day, I noticed some small changes. My stomach stayed full for a longer period, cravings were gone and I didn’t need coffee as much as I used to.

Today I’ll get to share my story through Boost Yourself and bring out that one smoothie a day can also help you feel more energized.

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