7-day breakfast smoothie challenge

This challenge makes you love mornings again – the mind is clearer, concentration improves and you’ll feel happier and have more energy during the day. By starting your morning with a healthy smoothie you give your body vitamins and nutrients it needs to face the day.

How to do the breakfast smoothie challenge

1. Drink one smoothie every morning – 7 days in a row

2. Drink yourself full of smoothie – 0,5l (men up to 0,75l) at one time

3. You can prepare your morning smoothie in the evening – it stays fresh in the fridge for 48h

4. Adding superfoods to your smoothie increases their nutritional value (we recommend Balance or Energy)

5. Do every breakfast smoothie according to present day recipe

6. Exchange candy, chocolate, pastry or third coffee for a fruit (apple, pear, banana) in these days or for a handful of nuts

7. Reduce coffee consumption to 1 cup a day during that week

8. All other meals are during this 7 days don’t have any limitations

Green smoothie for breakfast
What happens when you skip breakfast

What actually happens to your body if you skip breakfast?

We have all snoozed our alarm clocks and skipped breakfast because of it, at some point in our lives. How does this decision affect your body and mind?

  • Brain has slow processing speed
  • Mood is hectic and grumpy
  • It is easier to boil over emotionally
  • You’ll feel uncontrollable hunger by 10 A.M. and you’ll eat anything that is handed to you
  • Drinking coffee on an empty stomach won’t wake you up, instead, it causes heartburns
  • If you don’t eat properly, you won’t have energy
  • Weight is not under control because eating is irregular and random
  • Metabolism isn’t working well and sandwiches are not improving it

How breakfast smoothies help you?

Start your day with a healthy smoothie and feel the change in your body and mind.

  • The energy you get from a healthy meal distributes more evenly and thus lasts longer
  • Your stomach stays full until lunchtime
  • While you’re on your way to work, your organism is already absorbing the nutrients it got from the smoothie and charges you with energy
  • The energy you get from fruits drives off annoying sugar cravings
  • It takes less time for your brain to start working, since it’s easier for the organism to digest the smoothie and absorb essential nutrients from it
  • If empty stomach makes you only think about food, then a quick smoothie can help you focus on your daily activities
  • Even if you like sleeping late in the mornings, you’ll still find 5 minutes to prepare yourself a smoothie and drink it during your walk/ride to work/school
  • Coffee should not be the first thing that wakes you up – before that drink a smoothie and then 30 minutes later coffee, if you still need it
Breakfst superfood smoothie

“Unbelievable, how one thing can change so much! I felt multiple times better, had more energy than ever and my mind is fresh. It has become a lifestyle. And of course it has changed my overall eating habits and guided me towards healthier and more active life.” – Eveli

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Fuel the body as soon as you wake up with the right kind of foods that help in kickstarting the metabolism for the day

“People need to remember to have their breakfast within one hour of waking up. Studies find that food eaten at breakfast influences what you indulge in eating the rest of the day. The body is in a state of catabolism (muscle breakdown to sustain energy levels) in the night. Hence, it is imperative to replenish or fuel the body as soon as you wake up with the right kind of foods that help in kick starting the metabolism for the day.”

Nutritionist Karishma Chawla

Choose one superfood blend, that you want to use during the 7-day breakfast smoothie challenge.

Use Balance Superfood Blend in your smoothies

Balance Superfood Blend strengthens organism’s defense mechanisms with 7 different vitamins

  • Antioxidants help slow down the aging process
  • Speeds up wound healing and heals damaged skin
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Helps reduce fatigue and weakness
  • Helps manage weight and speeds up metabolism
  • 7 different vitamins
(23 reviews) 25.90
(18 reviews) 24.90

1 tablespoonful of Energy superfood blend contains about 200 mg of natural caffeine, which is equal to 3 cups of coffee

Energy Superfood Blend contains 5 superfoods, which enhance athletic performance and reduce fatigue.

  • 1 tablespoonful contains about 200 mg of natural caffeine, which is equal to 3 cups of coffee
  • Helps with physical fatigue
  • Supports muscle and nervous system function
  • Improves concentration and analytical abilities
  • Contains caffeine, which is present in guarana seeds
  • Contains calcium, potassium, iron, B-complex vitamins (B1, B2, B6) and vitamin C in high quantities

There’s always time to have breakfast in the morning if that breakfast is a smoothie

Breakfast time is the right time to fuel your body and there’s no better way to do that than with superfood smoothies

(23 reviews) 25.90
(18 reviews) 24.90
(21 reviews) 26.90